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The Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 - Guide collection

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The Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 - Guide collection

Beitragvon Shadonic » 30. Nov 2013, 23:37

Due to the sheer amount of guides and different strategies out there, i thought to myself that it wouldn't be bad to collect some of them in one place.
Since we already have some first hand experiences in Turn 4 we already know what to expect and what we need to bring to the party to actually rock it,
still, with some proper guides to look at we can reduce the amount of grieving over endless fails and aim for a quicker goal, so here we go.

Guide 1: MrHappy Gaming

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ipJau9Vw2g

This Guide is probably the best for us, since our Party setup is 1:1 the same as theirs.
There is a total of 6 phases in which enemies spawn, by aggroeing the monsters in the first phase a timer spawns that spawns new monster waves every 60 seconds.the goal is to clear the elevator of all monsters before the next wave, or atleast to clear the elevator of the most dangerous monsters so that the next wave won't wipe your group.

Party Setup : 2x PLD, WHM, SCH, DRG, MNK, BRD, BLM

Phase 1 : 6x Clockwork Bug

One of the Tanks (most suitable the main-Tank) will start running into the middle of the room grabbing all of Clockwork Bugs and arrange them so the stand very close together. (this will allow the DDs to savely AoE any and all of them without missing out on any.)
The DDs and Healers will follow the Tank close to the middle so that when they pull aggro they won't seperate the Clockwork bugs too much.
The off-tank will save his mp and help dealing dmg on the clockwork bugs aswell.
Goal of this phase is to kill all of the Clockwork Bugs within the 60 seconds before the next wave of Enemies appear.

Phase 2 : 2x Clockwork Knight, 2x Clockwork Soldier

in this phase, 1 Clockwork Knight + 1 Clockwork Soldier will spawn in each the Northeast & Northwest sides of the Elevator.
The main Tank should quickly position himself in the NW side while the Off-Tank should run to the NE side taking and holding the new monsters.
The DDs should start by focusing on the Clockwork Soldier of the Main-Tank located in the NW side of the Elevator, once the Soldier is at 50% one melee should move over to the Clockwork Knight to spread out the dmg a little bit.
Once the Main-Tanks Clockwork Soldier is dead the BLM should focus on the next Clockwork Soldier that is being tanked by the Off-Tank in the NE side while the rest of the DDs focus on the Clockwork Knight in the NW side.
In the meantime the Off-Tank should put all effort into spending all his TP skills on the Clockwork-Soldier to immobilze him by the time all of the enemies on the NW side are down.
By immobilizing the Clockwork Soldier he will stop attacking and also be vulnerable to attacks by Melee classes.

After the NW side is cleared the BLM should have already proceeded to attack the NE Clockwork-Soldier.
One of the Melee Classes, best the MNK, will help the BLM kill the Soldier while the rest will focus on the Clockwork-Knight.
If everything goes well all of the Knights and Soldiers should be dead by the time Phase 3 starts.

Phase 3 : 1x Clockwork Dreadnought, 4x Clockwork Bug

The Dreadnought will spawn in the NW side where the main tank should be positioned to grab him right away, while the 4 Clockwork Bugs will spawn on the SE side of the room.
The Clockwork Bugs will most likely run toward the Healers, that is why they should position theirself close behind the Dreadnought so he can absorb them right away.
Absorbing the Clockwork Bugs will 1. Heal the Dreadnought by 25% for each bug and 2. give him a physical buff for each bug, increasing his strength by exactly the double when he eats all of the 4 bugs, making him rather annoying to tank.
at that time both healers should focus their heals towards the main-tank and only the main-tank should be standing face to face with the Dreadnought.
The DDs job during phase 3 is to eliminate the Dreadnought as fast as possible, the off-tank should be helping aswell.
If the group fails to kill the Dreadnought within time, the main-tank should proceed to move the Dreadnought into the SW corner of the room to avoid the bugs from being absorbed by the Dreadnought untill he dies once phase 4 starts.

Phase 4 : 4x Clockwork Bug, 2x Spinner Rook

In Phase 4 there will be 2 groups of 2x Clockwork Bugs that spawn in the NW & SE corners while 2 Spinner Rooks spawn in the middle.
One of the Spinner Rooks should be focused by the DDs while the other one is tanked by the Off-Tank.
Spinner Rooks have an attack called "Pox" that will decrease your maximum HP, getting hit by it once isn't too dangerous, but you shouldn't try to get hit by it another time or you will see your HP drop very low.
Pox can be dodged just like Garudas "Slipstream" by running behind the monster to avoid the attack.
While the DDs and the Off-Tank work on killing the Spinner Rooks the Main Tank will grab the Clockwork Bugs and bring them to the NE corner in preperation for the next phase.
Once the Spinner Rooks are killed you can focus your attacks on another Clockwork Bug to have less Bugs once the Dreadnought spawns in phase 5.

Phase 5 : 1x Clockwork Dreadnought, 1x Clockwork Soldier, 1x Clockwork Knight

The Dreadnought will spawn in the NE corner where the Main-Tank is already waiting with the remaining Clockwork Bugs.
The Clockwork Knight will spawn in the middle and the Soldier to the SE corner.
The Off-Tank should try to get both the Solder and Knight, build enough hate on them and start kiting them around to minimize the dmg income so the healers can put more focus on the main-Tank.
in the meantime it's wise for the DDs to pop damage increasing potions (Mega-Potion of Dexterity, Strength, Inteligence etc.) to make sure that they can kill the Dreadnought as quick as possible.

Phase 6 : 1x Clockwork Dreadnought, 1x Clockwork Soldier, 1x Clockwork Knight, 1x Spinner Rook, 2x Clockwork Bug

The Dreadnought will spawn in the NE corner, Spinner Rook in the most NE corner next to the Dreadnought, a Knight in the middle, Solder in the SW corner and 2 bugs 1 each in the NW and SE corner.
once again the Healers should remain closely behind the Dreadnought so the bugs will move over to them and therefore be absorbed by the Dreadnought.
In the meantime the Off-Tank will stand in the position where the Spinner Rook spawns to grab it and tank it along with the Solder and Knight from phase 5.
The Knight that spawns in the middle should quickly be grabed by the Melee DPS and either of them should also use the Melee Limit Break on it to quickly kill it.
While the Melees go for the Knight the BLM will grab the Soldier by casting Swiftcast Fire III on him and start kiting him untill the Melees are done killing the Knight.
After that things go 1 by one, obviously you want the Soldier dead, followed by the other Knight and after that finish the Rook and last Soldier off before going for the Dreadnought.

While fighting the Dreadnought, it's possible that the Floor will start doing shockwaves that deal around 1,5k-2k dmg every few seconds.
Keep AoE healing up and make sure the Main-Tank doesn't drop.
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