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Ifrit Extreme

Ihr wisst nicht, wie man einen bestimmten Quest löst oder an ein bestimmtes Item kommt? Hier könnt ihr um Hilfe bitten.

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Ifrit Extreme

Beitragvon Armani Exchange » 13. Sep 2012, 02:02

Here it is guys!
We're just that much closer to getting our relics, BUT! We must overcome the hardest of them all.

Ifrit Extreme ~

I've already taken the initiative to study the fight and came up with a few notes I'd like to discuss with you guys.



The First Video seemed to illustrate majority of what I'll be talking about.

First off ~

Safe points are typically 15s long and seemed to based off of HP ~
Seeing how he kept track of HP%

HellFire was based on Time
This is an iffy, but I'd say I'm pretty close.

There's quite more, but we'll go over it ~

I have a lot of faith in us. Lets do this!

I'm really looking to hearing everyone's standpoint on these.

Thank you,

Armani Exchange
Easy Prey
Easy Prey
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